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Grew the idea of ​​establishing the factory in 1990 through the success of our company existing since 1980 in the manufacture of konafa and fillo, and distribution in the domestic market and exported to the European market and with our success in the domestic market, and the European quality of our products and our consideration of the needs of the consumer EU has increased export orders for our products exported ,and become there is a need to Actual production for these products, especially as we have all the ingredients for success of products and pulp and secure high-value food with a group of specialists in the field of manufacturing, and sorting and packing with expertise in penetrating global markets, and competition to our products unique

QUALITY of our product

We produce more types of pastries and dry products with high nutritional value, and selected carefully, without additives or preservatives and chemicals in accordance with the Egyptian standard specifications, while maintaining a high nutritional value to provide a safe and healthy meal. We have access to raw materials manufacturing, which provides us with safe secure products of high nutritional value.

Our Objective

Offering healthy meal safe, and satisfying consumer desire.We are always careful to satisfy consumer desires therefore always strive to produce everything that is new in the domestic or world markets we challenge every day in a new competition continuity and provide a product suitable for all with a group of specialists and professionals in food production and marketing. 


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